Friday, January 27, 2012

Sisterlock Accessories

Afrique La Chic loc hair holders

It is so wonderful to accessorize your sisterlocks, so many thing to choose from, so many types of styles. Are u a bling girl? Well try out crystals beads and hair combs. If you are more on the organic, earthy side stick to neutral tones and materials like wood-like hair holders and shells, pearls etc.. There is really no reason to get bored at all, and I don't want to hear the excuse that u are to old to wear flowers either, since when are wearing flowers age specific. Don't buy into timelines with your accessories, I will say it again, your 'pass' or authenticity comes from within you, what u accept or except from yourself. I don't bother to much will trend rules.

Loc jewels
They stifle my own creative flow and then I whined up succumbing to rules and regulations from, men who want to be women and so on... I am personally done with all of that..shoot wear white in winter damn-it, lol! Anyway, the only rule I would have to make is safety  for your sisterlocks: nothing to tight, nothing you sleep in, nothing that tears your hair out or weights your locs down..and that would be it... Now go out there and accessorize your sisterlocks with excitement!

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