Saturday, July 14, 2012

What size should I make my locs?

Small locs on thin/medium hair

Ok, so your thinking of locing your hair and you are not sure of the size you should get, the first thing I woud say is to look at the thickness of your hair. Is your natural hair thin, thick? As a rule, if your natural hair is thin you would want to go with a smaller size loc pattern to give the illusion of fullness. Medium or thick hair can be loc'd in any size pattern, but know that with thicker hair, the smaller you go with you loc pattern the more work it will be to maintain them.


 Another thing to consider is the texture of your hair, Wiry hair tends to poof and bunch, especially as your locs get older, so you what ever size you choose, know that they will look bigger as they mature.

Big Dred Locs on thick hair

Be careful not to go too small around the hairline, usually when locs start to thin and break it happens at the hairline first  usually because your attention is placed where you can see it, which is the front of your hair, it gets all the stress from styling and products etc..

So with that said, should based on thickness and texture, Length is really a non factor and if anyone tells you that you need to cut your natural first to start locs, I would be suspect of there expertise, they just sound like a lazy loctician to me.

I love natural hair and Loc pictures and advice and I hope u do too. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts!


  1. Hi, I like your blog. I am about to loc it up and I have been going around in circles about even getting my hair loc'd. Now I am sure I want to--maybe even excited--but I am not sure about the size. I do have medium or maybe even thick hair so I'm wondering if teeny-tiny locs are a good idea since I'm looking for less time/maintenence than that. I want the look of medium or small locs. Choices, choices...

    I now need to figure out if I'm going to start them on my own, or if I'm going to use a loctitian.

  2. I just re started my dreads because I wanted thinner ones. My hair is very thick and coarse all over, except for the spot where I had brain surgery and the hair is just soft sparse pieces of fine hair. How do I keep the few my loctition placed there from breaking off under the weight of themselves as they mature? I really want my adult locs to be on the smaller side of medium locs