Friday, November 4, 2011

I think I ready to cut my Sisterlocks!

I think I'm ready to cut my sisterlocks is what I told my daughter this morning, she, of course, looked at me with the same look she always gives when I start talking about cutting my locs, but the temptation is stronger than ever It's exciting to talk about starting over. I recently had them trimmed and it was such a weirdly pleasant feeling, like a weight was lifted off of me. I have been toying with the idea of do my next set of sisterlocks for quite some time now and every time I get a little nerve, I chicken out. I guess I'm a little attached to seeing myself this way, hmm. 

Now I know how clients feel
Now I know how my clients feel when I tell them that they have to cut their hair off and start over again. But for some strange or not so strange reason, I feel like I need a fresh start. They are some things I'm working on personally and a new look would be a great marker towards my new attitude. I probably will start with a shorter cut, maybe I'll take off about 4 inches or so, see where it goes from there.
Maybe some hair color first!

 Sisterlocks is by far the best styling option for maximum hair growth and ease of styling but all those wicked afro's out there are making me so jealous.  OK, I think I'm going to start by changing my hair color. The signature red sisterlocks is going to be gone soon. I will be able to gauge whether I want to cut them off after the color is done. Whew! Feel free to talk me out of it, I need all the support in my readiness to cut my sisterlocks,lol


  1. Do the shorter cut and color and see how you feel then. I know this is not going to be of much help however, I do understand your wanting to have a new look for a fresh start. Whatever you decide to do you are a beautiful sista and am looking forward to being inspired by your journey!

  2. Thank you for your support Ms Fullroller, I did change the hair color, so I'm a bit more relaxed about cutting for now,lol