Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Sex Secrets

I am learning as I get older about the power of sensuality. I think most of us understand that there is an energy released when we become attractive, when we glam up ourselves, and for African American women, much of the beautification process has to do with hair styling.

But along with perfectly coiffed hair, is a more important balance of internal beauty. there are so many secrets this world has to share with regards to a woman's magic spell: her yoni,
that it seems peculiar that more of us don't harness and cultivate what men kill for in the first place. Yes ladies, your vagina is what Im speaking of.

We allow men to "beat it up" as if vagina is a monster they must kill, pounding with a point to prove but not the level of pleasure that some secret society woman enjoy.

This book White Tigress was a recommend read from a personal trainer friend of mine. She is into the arts of sexuality on a very deep level and she said this book helped her rejuvenate and become more youthful. So I thought I'd give it a try and bought the book. It's read like an interview with woman who are part of an ancient secret society called the "White Tigress".

These women spend waking hours doing series of exercises and rituals to create eternal youth, and sucking the penis is an integral part of the ritual practice, it was amazing to learn that sperm facials are real and beneficial, even more important was the exercises for a tiny waist line and perkier breast. I am still learning from this read and often refer back to it for other tips.

I suggest if your middle aged like me, get the book so that you can commit to daily practices that will balance hormones and make you a better lover, or should I say a masterful lover.. Cheers!

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