The Military says Sisterlocks are Dirty!

The Military says Sisterlocks are Dirty, that what I heard from a female soldier getting ready for trial to defend her right to wear sisterlocks! 
I received an interesting phone call last night. It was from a Sisterlocks wearer who happens to be in the military. She said she was facing a hearing date to determine if she could keep her Sisterlocks! She was told by her superiors that her sisterlocks were against policies as it is under the category of "neglect" and was "unsanitary'. I could not believe what she was telling me, but in her desperation to find some ammunition for her case she called me.

Sisterlocks is a premium Hair style for Natural Hair Wearer's
I told her to state that if the definition of 'unsanitary' or 'unkempt' hair is what its classified as, then, braids, and weaves would also fall under that too. Look, lets keep it real, Im a braider too, and I have had to advise clients not to wash their frequently so the style could 'last' for the 3 months.  What guidelines do the military follows to say sisterlocks are dirty anyway?

 How often are sisters with hair weaves washing their hair?

It is a fact that women with weaves are not washing there hair everyday, maybe 2x a month , braids;maybe once every 6 weeks. So this military tribunal thing needs to investigate all forms of 'ethnic hair styling' don't  just attack 'sisterlock styles' and not the other styling methods used by women who do not relax there hair.

Sisterlocks is the only style where you can wash your hair immediately after it's installed!
I have clients with scalp sensitivities that have to wash there hair every 2 days or so, and sisterlocks is one of the only(natural hair styles) that will hold up to frequent shampooing.

I am sick and Tired of Locs Getting a Bad rap! 
Its not fear how we are targeted because we want to be natural. No one questions those women who leave weaves in for 5 months and by the time there's ready to take it out, there's so much dust and dandruff flying , you need a hazmat suit on to protect your eyes from the dry skin and dust flying everywhere!

Update: I have not heard any feedback from her and her case. I hope she won! And if your branch of the  military is saying sisterlocks are dirty then I hope they put in place a clear policy as to how often a person should wash and their hair and if a comb is the only instrument used for grooming hair!

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  1. Washing your hair 2x a month is BAD idea. Once every 6 weeks is dangerously unhealthy. I'm sure it will lead to baldness.

  2. Not washing your hair for two weeks is unsanitary. Not washing it for six months is guaranteed to make you bald. The reason is that the sebum will build up on the scalp, get trapped in the pores, clogging them, and providing a breeding ground for bacteria. The scalp will itch, smell bad, and get infected. And the hair will fall out.

  3. Sorry but hair that is only washed every six months is by definition filthy.

  4. While I know that African Americans with more coiled hair do not need to wash hair daily due to the drying and different hair texture, one thing for certain is that every sisterlock wearer I know washes their hair quite quite frequently (at least one a week or every 2 weeks for some). Braid wearers may wait 3 to 6 weeks, but often use an astringent on the scalp in between. Ignorence is bliss. If individuals with very straight fine hair do not wash every other day they will have greasy build up, but coily dense hair actually is more dry.