How to Repair Broken Locs

Loc extensions at any size
After a while t happens to most of us, Thinning and breaking off of our Sisterlocks. Some due to hormones, other to styling like color. But we all experience it if we've had our sisterlocks for  good length of time.I try not to handle my hair much these days, keeping my styling to a minimum of special outings etc. It just creates more stress on the hair especially shoulder length hair. You can opt to repair your locks with human  using a wrap/braid/wrap/braid sequence, this is the most realistic way to mend thinning locs. I using place a piece of threading into the hair extension hair before I start to apply it into the loc, this just keeps it from swelling a loose when the hair get wet.
  1. Place human hair right above the thinning area
  2. add a small piece of thread to the human hair.
  3. begin braiding down with the human hair as 2 'legs' and the third leg is your actual loc.
  4. When you've made about 4 turns, switch to wrap one piece around the loc(maybe 2 turns)
  5. Then switch back to a braid
  6. Do this rhytm until you've reach the end of the extension hair, seal with a dap of glue or spritz
  7. Palm roll to smooth down any flyaway hair.

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  1. Thank you so much for this!!! I think I know how to do this but the wording was a little confusing.