Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sisterlocks and Ben Vereen!

Sisterlocks get celebrity love with Ben Vereen
It was such a pleasure meeting Ben Vereen today. I loved his energy and positivity, and of course he's an icon. Many people know him for his role as "chicken George' in the "Roots" movie. I will say this ladies, if you ever have any doubt that you can't rock your hair the way you want to, do waste another day pining over that decision.

Own your life! DO your sisterlocks, stop being a square thinker. Some people love what I do with my hair, others look at me strange, but when you true to your personal style and are comfortable how you represent yourself, then people will want to know your name.

My sisterlocks, the way I style my hair, gets attention, it makes people stand up and take notice. That is not my intent though,  I like living has an artist, hair is what I do, sisterlocks styling is what I do. If you want to see what you can become with your sisterlocks,
call me for a reservation @ 478 501-7836 or come down to Exclusives Hair Studio, Sherman Oaks, CA
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