Saturday, November 26, 2011

Making Sisterlocks Soft

One day my hair started to bother me, I have length past my shoulders and my hair always made me itch. So I'd put it into ponytails all the time, but that was causing to much continual stress on my hair line. So I had to come up with something that would soften my hair and not scratch the mess out of my back!

So I experimented with different oils to see what would actually work for my sisterlocks. I am always concerned about locs being weighed down by product and I really wanted to avoid having thinning locs.
I will put about 2 oz  of the Parachute oil and mix it with some about a tsp of castor oil and apply it to my freshly shampooed locs. Then I'd put a plastic cap on over my locs and wrap it with a hot towel and sit for about 40 minutes or so.

I rinse my hair with cool water so I don't wash off all the oil out of my hair. I let my hair air dry as well. I notice that hooded dryers can make locs hard and dry so I don't use them unless I have a special event that my sisterlocks need to be set for.
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