Monday, November 28, 2011

Removing Black Hair Dye from Sisterlocks

Uncolor color removal system
I recently took the red color out of my hair and dyed my hair jet black. I have done this many times in the 9 years that Ive had my sisterlocks.

I miss my black hair already,lol So, if you are like me and want to change your hair color from black to a lighter color, I have a solution for you.

Don't bother using bleach because often times it will only lighten in spots and can cause serious damage  and degeneration (pulling apart) of your locs.

I use a product by Clairol called "Uncolor" with 20 volume developer. You will probably need 2 packs if you have thick locs. I mix about about 2 oz of color developer with the Uncolor powder.

  • Use a plastic bowl and a applicator brush to mix it
  • Start at the middle of you locs (that's where the most concentration of color is)
  • Then apply to the ends and the roots.
  • Let it sit for 10-20 minutes 
  • Rinse out  and shampoo with clarifying shampoo
  • Dry your hair and proceed to apply the color shade you want.

When you finish coloring your locs make sure to use a leave-in conditioner. I really like Razac leave-in conditioner

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