Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sisterlocks Extensions

I get a lot of questions about adding extensions to sisterlocks so I wanted to post some answers here.

I wanted to put sisterlocks extensions in, but I'm not sisterlocked yet, can I do them both at the same time?

Ans: NO! When added hair to locs that small, you have to be precise in how much hair is needed to match density and strength of each loc. Your hair goes through stages and there's no way to tell what the mature size will be without having your sisterlocks installed first.

My sisterlocks have thinned out at the root, I want more volume, can I get extensions put in my hair for thickness?

Ans: If you hair is thinning at the base, then you probably would not be a good candidate for extension. The base of your hair is where are the strength is,and a health base determines if your hair can take the extra weight of added hair.

If I add extensions to my sisterlocks and want to make them even longer , can I do that?

Ans: Yes you can extend (within reason) as long as you want. But I will say that the ideal client for extensions of any kind is a person with thick hair.

What type of hair is best for dredloc extensions?

Ans: Human kinky hair in bulk is best for loc extensions, it doesn't make sense to go cheap with the added hair. You want the hair to act like its your own, and synthetic hair does not look realistic nor does it respond to well to styling such as curling or braid outs, or color services.

What method do you use to attach the loc extensions?
Ans: I currently use a braid in technique with a few secret steps to keep the attachment secure.

**Sisterlocks does not endorse or promote adding any sort of extensions to the locs, in fact they really discourage this. I offer the service to woman who may need repairs to there locs and who may have cut some locks too short.**
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