Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Art expands your reality

I've been styling hair for many years and it hasn't been until recently starting my jewelry line that I found a heightened appreciation for art. I can say that in all forms it boosts my own creativity both with hair and wearables I create, but it also makes me love the human mind and its ability to translate thought into material. I think that's what we artists do best.

Pictures paint your mind, art helps you to explore other worlds through the eyes of someone else. It connects us emotionally and spiritually too. The guy is this pic has me wondering why he chose this tat for himself. I see it as extremely erotic and bold. If he's not good in bed then this tat would be a waste to me,lol but that's just my own freak nastiness coming out. Its funny I came across this, I've been thinking of getting a clit hood piercing for my 40th birthday.....hmm maybe lol  Keep creating.........

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