Thursday, November 3, 2011

I spoke with Dr.Cornwell-Creator of Sisterlocks(tm)

DR.Cornwell-Creator of sisterlock(tm)
  I spoke with DR. Cornwell ,creator of the    sisterlock(tm) method, and it was truly a pleasure to get her perspective on natural hair and and the issues we have with being natural. Her knowledge and concern for black women is really stellar.

I mentioned to her that I wanted to have my daughter take the sisterlocks(tm) certification class!
Sisterlocks Hair Style Video
    We talked about the bootleg copycat systems for locing hair and their attempt at trying to duplicate the sisterlock(tm) technique. I even mentioned that I wanted my daughter(then 15yrs old) to take the class and become certified; she told me I had to wait for her to turn 18 but she was very encouraging about making it a family business. I expressed to her that my communications with women in Africa really opened my eyes to our issues with hair. We both talked about the disconnection with natural styling amongst American and African women too.

I was honored and thrilled to get an opportunity to tell Dr.Cornwell about what her training class has done for my life and the lives of my clients. When I spoke with her about expanding sisterlocks training to parts of Africa and the Caribbean, I really had a sense of the scope of the popularity and the lifestyle sisterlocks has brought to us world wide!

I wanted women to get Sisterlocks, even the fearful ones...

At that time I felt strongly about fearful women having an option to embrace there natural hair. My sisterlocks(tm) marketing campaign always included the selling point of neatly done locs. Don't get me wrong, I am still in love with sisterlocks(tm) but I will no longer exclude the traditional loc method for starting locs. Having talked to tons of women about the system, the fear of commitment to the sisterlocks method and the price can be a bit intimidating for some women to handle. The service is certainly a premium style but the look is undeniable. My focus now is to give sisters options, honest suggestions and support for whatever they decide to do with their natural hair.

When I spoke with DR.Cornwell she really inspired me to keep reaching women, especially our sister overseas, she'll is a pioneer for sure.

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