Friday, June 29, 2012

4 Ways to damage Locs

 Back in my Loc'd hair career, I did it all and I have to admit I didn't always do the hair care part the way I should have, The styling was always fierce, but my locs did become weak and damaged from all my 'creative' ideas.

I ran across this article on the  Curly Nikki disgusting 4 ways to ruin the health of your loc's. I think this would be helpful to those trying to keep a full head of loc's for a life time, lawd knows I think I did all four of them quite frequently and did pay the cost with weak broken locs after a while. Here's the 2 of the 4 common mistakes they talked about.
  1.  Not enough moisture- Im guilty as charged. I hardly ever oiled my hair and I used a ton of hair spray or my updo styles to look crisp, they were crispy all right!
  2.  Tying them in knots- please stop tying your locs in knots to style them or worse to create a set. It is so stressfull to do this and over time it will thin them out.
I 'd have to add a number 5 to this list to: Over Styling
I think styles are great to do but the ones that require lots of pins and really tight on the scalp, should be left for special occasions, especially if you have thin locs already.

Sherrell Dorsey, writer of the article, is an eco-glamour expert, writer, speaker, social entrepreneur and creator of the blog -read the entire article here: CURLY NIKKI


I love natural hair and Loc pictures and advice and I hope u do too. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts!

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