Friday, June 29, 2012

Pinning Up Short Dred Locs

Loc style Updo

 When you are going for an updo with your locs but you don't quite have enough hair to make it work, why not try adding some hair just like you did for the french roll in your relaxer days. I know the point of being loc's is so u don't have to do it but lets face it, some of us are impatient ( like me!) and we need to get these style option going sooner than later. 

I particularly love to use yarn when I had to fill in my locs especially when I wanted to create volume and height, All you have to do is twist portions of some yarn into a few of you locs for length and then pin it up any way you like. The yarn mimics the texture of loc's hair much better than kenekelon hair and it hold in place where ever you need it to stay put..

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