Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why do you wear your 4C Natural Hair?

Salkis Re- 4C hair type

I remember when I first not relaxing and pressing my hair, I was about 15 years old and deep into African History. I wanted to represent my ancestors, the kings and Queens of ole and having natural hair made me feel more connected. At that time there wasn't many options as far as styling natural hair so I had to wing it. Luckily for me was was a budding hairstylist in the making so my creativity helped me out when I didn't see any references to inspire me.

Many women today wear natural hair, at least to me, for health. I think people are more health conscious these days and what to live a more 'green' lifestyle: better diets, meditation, positive relationships. I don't hear to much about the impact of African history being the catalyst for going natural. natural hair is in right now, and for those ladies who have curly textured  hair like the 3A, 3B 3C curl pattern girls, the transitions seems to be easier.

But for the curly girls like myself who have 4C hair its, a harder climb finding representation even though natural hair is trending so fiercely right now. We have the 'issues' of shrinkage, moisture, shine and growth among other things, so keeping our course hair looking styled is a beast. But for me, I am no longer obsessed with hair growth as I once was. Long hair doesn't symbolize femininity for me so F that!
I will pimp my TWA till the wheels fall off!
No excuses, no shame, no back seat for me. By the way in the picture above I used a product called "Gorilla Snot". I got it from Target next to the Shea Moisture. Most of the wording is in Spanish because the product comes from Mexico. Most Hispanics use it to spike the hair and I been seeing it in the shopping carts of White people has well.This product is dirt cheap and you get so much for the price. First I rub some shea butter on my hair my damp hair, then a apply the gel to my hair and rub my hair with the palm of my hand in circular motions until I see curl definition. I love the smell of this, it doesn't flake and it hold your hair in place even if you sweat. I have even woken up the next day with my hair still in place.

For me, since it started as a sort of spiritual ancestor worship event, I would never be swayed by the trends. Permed hair just as no place in my mind or my soul. I would love to hear some of the reasons why you ladies have gone natural and how your journey has been.

I love natural hair and Loc pictures and advice and I hope u do too. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts!


  1. I wear my natural hair for a couple of reasons. Health and the joy of not feeling the wrath of a chemical burn was my initial reasoning. Then when everyone had a problem with it not being "the norm" I set out to fight the power and make it the dang norm. Whenever I feel ugly and want to hide behind makeup and fake hair, I wear my hair in a fro to remind me that this is what I inherited. I wear it to remind myself that I am not Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, mixed, etc. My hair does flow like silk in the wind, it stands tall and proud against it.

  2. Wow, "My hair does(not) flow like silk in the wind, it stands tall and proud against it" I love that, poetry!