Sunday, November 6, 2011

How do I choose Loc Sizes?

She said her Locs were Messed Up!

I got a phone call yesterday from a desperate women out of Macon, GA. She was 2 months into her locing process and very unsatisfied with her hair. I asked,"What is it about you hair that you are having trouble with"? She proclaimed, "My locs are the wrong size!"

Her locs were joined together!

She explained to me about the depressing trips to the salon, and the pissed off ,reluctant hair stylist saddling her with protesting conversations about why she shouldn't change the size of her sisterlocks. Some locs were joined together, others were split in half, She said her hair was just a mess.

I told her she may have to start her locs over again.

Sisterlocks Pictures
I told her that I could not tell by phone if she should just take them down and start over. This was a tough one. I do get calls very often from ladies trying to correct the size of the locing pattern they've started. But its so much easier to just get the size right from the start.

What best way to choose the size of your Sisterlocks?

Always judge the size of the locs you want by the width of the partings. The hanging hair will deceive you into thinking your hair is smaller or bigger than it really is. The reason for this is that the hair you start off with is not going to be the locs you end up with. The locs go through a natural progression. Its starts of skinny, with a lot of scalp showing, but over time the locs will swell a bit, then shrink, then lengthen and they get heavier too.

When you Talk with Your Stylist about Loc size...

Look at pictures of locs that you like, and pay close attention to the scalp area and the width of the partings too, look at several picture that catch your eye. Do you notice that the scalp partings are similiar in width?

Your Hair's Thickness Determines Loc Size.

Your own hair's density will determine the size your locs will be too. Try to look for picture of women who have hair textures and thickness close to your own hair type. This is the best way to judge what your hair will look like as it matures.

Sisterlock Consultants are trained to Test loc sizes first

Sisterlocks consultants are trained to give detailed consultations with tester locs applied to your hair in different sizes so you can avoid choosing the wrong size, but even with this sometimes with the natural progression of the hair it could be a very different look from observing tester locs for a few weeks.

So take your time and look others who have the loc size you like, look at a lot of pictures, test sizes even if your getting traditional locs, this way the chances of disappointment later on is almost totally eliminated

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