Thursday, January 26, 2012

Electrical Hair

I think I might have said this a million times, but I have to say it again. "Good Hair" has nothing to do with length or texture, its about healthy hair, that's it! Why black women are still caught up on shoulder length hair in 2012 is beyond the scope of my understanding.

I have to say that wearing sisterlocks for 9 years did give me the longest length of natural hair I have ever experience in my entire life. It was shocking to see my hair grow past my shoulders, I really didn't think it could be done. Now that I have 'accomplished' that and recently cut them off, I see that my quest for long hair was totally unnecessary and futile.

Long hair is a comfort for most of us, We hide flaws and even neglect the rest of our bodies if the hair is on point. It's like healthy hair is the only concern because that is what other people see. But ladies, I am hear to tell you that your feeling , your emotions, you attitude towards yourself is not a selfish act, it can be seen and more importantly felt by everyone around you.

When will you understand that you are an energy being, the atoms of your body are electrically charged, if your heart stops beating, what do the doctors do? They shock the heart back with an electrical device, pace makers send electrical currents to the heart of to keep it beating etc..
And your  natural hair is a conductor of electrical current too. The more energy you have the more healthy your hair looks, the electrical power your blood has, the more your hair will grow out strong.. This means electrical food, more air, good vibe people around you and lest not forget vibrational words you say to your hair and yourself...

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