Monday, January 9, 2012

Sisterlocks for 2012
Happy New Year ladies, sisterlocks has made it to another year and it doesn't seem like its slowing down a bit. Everyday I talk with women who are either interested in sisterlocks or have them and are looking for fresh ideas for styling. To both I would say, Just Do IT! This year has to be about making decisions without fear being the vehicle.

At the end of the day, only u have a vested interested in how your hair is presented and it should reflect what your inspired for it to reveal about yourself. Don't fall for the trap of hair just being something that is on your head, that it does not convey or symbolize mentally stability, self love and confidence.

Everything in this society has been well planned for you, EVERYTHING! From the bacon and eggs that someone said was 'breakfast food', to the bra and panties that someone said we have to wear under over clothes, to the wedding ring on the left and and the white dress u want to walk down the isle in. Not much out here is really your decision. I believe that your hair is like the last frontier, remnant of true self expression and kinship with your culture.

It should be yours to decide how you want to represent yourself to the world, but no man is an island, and the world has already decided what it thinks of u. So how do we change this> By evaluating everything we do in our lives.

By questioning your fear of wearing sisterlocks or any other natural hair style. By saying to yourself that if you go against nature your are slapping God in the face, you are putting down your mother and your father for making you this way. No! no more of this. For 2012 your going to go forth and be who u are: A Beautiful Natural Haired Sistah with a purpose. When your daughter looks up at u, she will see that u love u and then she will love she.. This is the future in the making.

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