Monday, February 6, 2012

My Jewelry Launch

Wearable Art Jewelry

Ok ladies I think I am almost ready to showcase my new fashion accessory launch. At first it was only going to be sisterlocks hair jewelry but I got so excited and other ideas started  coming to me in my sleep. I couldn't resist and before the smoke cleared, I had a story board full of necklaces and hair charms and earrings for my knotty-haired guls1 Ha-Ha! Do you ladies know how long I've wanted to do this? I guess my whole life but nothing before it's time right! I wanted to created wearable art, not just pieces thrown together form a wholesale bead store.

I wanted everything I made to have my spark, my energy on it.  wanted the want the woman that wear my art to feel sexy, empowered, their number 1. So I personally handmade everything, the beads and charms are all custom made by me. With care, I flesh out each design and no two pieces will be exactly alike. If you want to wear spiritually charged, seductive  pieces of wearable art, specifically designed by an African woman for African and American women worldwide, then stay tuned for the feature Coming Soon: Black and Comely Artisan Jewelry

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