Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organic Dred Locs or Manicured DredLocs?

Would you ever consider getting Dredlocks, like Bob Marley style? I have been thinking about doing my hair in organic locs for some time now. I don't ave a traditional 9-5 job so I could get away with doing it. I don't know of anyone who could work corporate looking like this but I am curious to see what my hair would form into.
No parting the hair. Clean lines are out.  The locs do not have to look evenly shaped or even cylindrical either. I have to admit, I used to think that people with locs that looked like this were just unkempt, nasty.

And while I have (as a stylist) met some people who's locs really needed a hazmat team to come hose them down, I truly feel that organic locs can be a very attractive if kept clean.  So how to you get your locs to free-form? Well you just leave it alone and let them loc on there own. I assume you have start with some sort of patten though as I do see some wearers will a  semblance of parted hair. So my advice would be to part them off, maybe in plaits or twists and then nerve groom  them again after that.

Mama Yashi-Fashion Designer
Well I should say never palm roll the hair or twist the hair after the initial set up. I have known some Rastas who have use natural aloe vera from the fresh pant and rubbed it into the dreds and scalp as a conditioning /cleansing treatment but that was pretty much the extent of grooming that they did. I don't know, but I am really thinking about have my next set of locs be more organic, we'll see.

I love natural hair and Loc pictures and advice and I hope u do too. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts!

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