Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Hair in Twists

Salkis with yarn Twists

This is what Im doing now as a protective style for my hair. The chop happened some months ago, and while I did have fun playing around with my hair, I knew I wanted it to grow. I went from sisterlocks, to mohawk to tiny afros and now twist extensions all with  the course of a few months and I am exhausted with it all already.
Salkis With Mohawk

 I did have to think this much about hair when I had my sisterlocks so I miss not having too. The braids are the best way I know of to get back that care free feeling that wearing locs gave me. This is yarn twists and I love them because they keep their shape even with frequent washing, I don't have to sleep with a scarf on my head and I just add oils to my scalp for conditioning.

Salkis with Sisterlocks

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  1. I´ve had locs for a yr and two months, and I enjoyed browsing through your blog.