Thursday, March 1, 2012

My new jewlery line!

'Glamourous Life' Necklace by -Black Butterflys

"Blue Magic"earrings by Black Butterflys

Hooray, my jewelery line is finally up and running, and I am so happy to introduce this to you. My piece are Tribal Royalty inspired with a Metropolis Girl flare. I named the line Black Butterflys after a conversation I had with my 5 year old daughter Re-An. She was talking to me about how sad she was at school because she had drawn a black butterfly and the other girls in her class said that she should erase it because black butterflies aren't  pretty!

She was very unset to erase her pretty black butterfly and started doubt if it was really pretty because all the other girls said it wasn't. I was hurt for her too, and I needed to build her up again, make her feel special and loved, thus, my line Black Butterflys now represents what I wanted to give my daughter and all women who wear my jewlery.

My pieces are made from various materials including metal, leather, and clay beads that I make from scratch. It's crazy because I have to sketch designs that are in my head and construct them, I'm using brain cells I didn't even know I had!
 This is a love like no other.
Most of the pieces are one of a kind but can be done again in similar materials and colors.

Although my first stint as an artist has been hair styling for soo many years, there is something meditated and very personal about creating something that another soul wants to wear. Every girl who wears my designs agrees to the energy that made it manifest..I have found my soul mate  in this jewelry designing thing and hope to expand into other forms of body accessories later on. Please visit the site, leave a comment, question ..and of course ..BUY ONE!

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