Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to Color my Locs Blonde

Blonde Colored Dred Locs

 Coloring locs blonde is a great way to bring a fresh new look to your locs, especially if you've been feeling ho-hum about them lately. To get your locs to blonde safely, it really should be done in stages so because bleaching and lighteners can stripe the hair down to nothing leaving your locs starved for protein and strength.

When using gentle hair color, I really like "Nutritint" brand hair color, it only lightens the hair 3 levels at a time and doesn't have ammonia in it either, so you have better control as to how light you go. Each time you color the hair will light another 3 levels, just stop when you've reached the desired shade. I would say space out your color services to about every 2 months, so you don't over process your hair.

Loreal is good for at home color and so is Softsheen Carson line too.
 If you use regular commercial color then you have to look at the number levels on the packaging, this will tell you how many shades lighter you will be going.

If you are a very dark brown, which is a level 1, then to get your hair to a level 9 which is a golden blonde, you need to think about simple adding (level 1+ level 9 = 10).
So your color level actually needs to be a 10 to get you to the  level 9 that you want.

Honey Blonde Colored Locs
Tip: VERY IMPORTANT!!!!When coloring locs you always want to apply the hair color at the most resistant part of the loc first: The Middle

 Because the ends of your locs are the most porous and will grab color quickly, The roots will also grab color and lighten quickly because of body heat from your scalp, that said, color the middle of your locs first, then the ends , then the roots so you can even distribution of color.
Protein treatment to strengthen hair

Make sure you condition your locs with a protein re constructor like Ultra Sheen Duo Tex. It full of collagen and it will strengthen your locs wonderfully after a color service.

I love this because it watery and goes into your locs easily washes out clean, you can follow up with a good leave in conditioner and please wash the color completely out or you might run the risk of weak     straw-like locs.
 Going blonde should really be done by a professional stylist, there are too many variables that can mess up your hair. But if your patient and brave you can do it at home with good results.

I love natural hair and Loc pictures and advice and I hope u do too. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts!