Tuesday, June 12, 2012

me with Sisterlocks

Me with after the Big Chop

I am missing my Sisterlocks(tm) really bad. Its been a few months since I did the Big chop and I have to say I miss the care-free lifestyle I enjoyed for so many years. but sometimes you have to let things go to bring in something new. Whats new for my is my handmade jewelry line called 'Suga Bum Bum". If you had told be a year ago that I would be selling my handmade wearable art, I would have called you a liar! But i think this form of creativity was fueled by my need to express individuality which I had done for so many years through wearing my Sisterlocks(tm) in all kinds of high fashion, trendsetting styles. I will see where this creativity will lead me, but my hope is  a life long platform to make beautiful cultural, high fashion jewelry for all women.

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