Sunday, June 17, 2012

Solange Style!


I think B's little sis Solange is such a fanshionistah since doing the big chop with her hair a little while back. Is it me or Is her hair growing like a freakin weed! I did the big chop the months ago and Im still not enough hair to make a braid yet..sigh Ok, let me stop my big chop remorse, it's pointless now.

Back to Solange, I am really feeling her sense of style, Its like she is not afraid of prints and bold colors, everything she wear is always festive, high fashion. I want to give that credit to her hair cut, sometimes when we do things out of the comfort or norm it awakens other sides of ourselves that we never knew existed, sometimes being unsure or doing something new forces creativity.

 It pushes us to find new ways to express ourselves,I think every woman should cut off all her hair at least once in her life, just to see how they really feel about there femininity and self worth. I know for me, it opened up a new artist in me, one where I get to express my own brand of creativity through Boho style jewelry like the one Solange is wearing in this picture. Do something new, life is too short to spent it all being afraid....


  1. Good Morning,

    Are you still in the Army? Can you contact me, i am trying to help someone keep their sisterlocks. Please contact me at You can check me out at thanks in advance.

    1. Greetings, I did a post about sisterlocks in the military but I have never been in the army. I've just had a few women contact me about points to bring up in the court hearings.. Thanks