Sunday, June 10, 2012

Handmade Bronze Ankh Neckalce

Jewelry is the passion I never thought I'd know on the artisan side. But this is an addiction like no other. Body adornment is not far from the art form of hairstyling that I've produced for almost 2o years now. Its meditative and so completely satisfying my technical/creative mind. I make each piece with a mindset of what the client would feel like wearing them. The line "Suga Bum Bum" was named fter my late father's favorite calypso song, he would take my mother's hand and they'd dance and grin at each other, I'd hide in a corner and watch them while I giggled like a young fool. It was love to me, some of the first expressions of love between a man and woman that I can remember. Its was happiness. That is what my jewelry is about, love and happiness. You can find this necklace made of bronze disks with bronze chain fasteners and other goodies in my Esty Store:

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