Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Locs if you want to be Sexy

"Luna" loc stylist :Salkis for Comb My

I miss my Sisterlocks!, I think I've said it about a million times,but I so needed to get rid of them, so much crazy energy was trapped in there, it was just time to start over. I think I will loc again but this time, my need to have 'neat" loc's are are finally suffocated. I want big Marley locks now or at least get a lot thicker than what I had in the past. I am growing my hair out again, I must have scalped myself about 20 times after my big chop, so it ground zero for me. 

I will probably transition into yarn twists for a few months then take the twists out and keep whatever pattern I used for the braids, thats the easiest way for me to manage it myself. My creativity come from my jewelry making now, it satisfies my need to change up my look, sales are going great and I am so honored that others love my work too. So for now I 'm "Eye jacking" different loc looks with a bit of loc envy but I am commin back with my own soon so watch out!

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