Friday, April 27, 2012

Whats up ladies! Long time since I've written a post and I apologize... I guess I was a little jaded by the responses to my Head Wrap post were I said I didn't like to emulate a slave fashion. I got threats and everything.. Whew! Well I'm back, refreshed and ready to start again.  I am still sporting my short faded hair cut and I am loving it. I think I was hiding behind the hair, allowing it to feminize me instead of paying attention to the things that make me truly femme: my walk, clothing, makeup. And even with that Im conflicted because I like the "Rock Star" type of look : jeans, leather, I am thinking of learning how to make my own moccasins so I can rock that every day too. Sigh..If you ladies have recently done the BIG CHOP please share your experience and how u feel about your look now.. Thanks


  1. Why did you CUT, we are shocked that you do not know about the Take Down Remover cream for taking out braids, weaves, twists or natural dreadlocks easier,faster. It detangles very matted tangled hair easy and safely.

    It also prevents hair breakage no matter how long your braids or weaves are in. It is great for women who are transitioning to natural hair from relaxers as well.

    It is not a water based or glycerine based product-so it works on every type of hair texture, every head, every time.

  2. Lol a little late hunny, But I know my hair pretty well and it would have been nothing worth salvaging after years of dying etc.. It was thinned out pretty badly toward the end, I am starting over for real. But thanks for the info!