Thursday, December 8, 2011

Post Big Chop

Ok, so its been a few days since I cut my sisterlocks off and everyone has been asking me how I feel. Well, I feel great actually. I thought I'd miss them more but I feel like its over and I can move on. I admire other sisterlocks ladies who have had there's in for 10 years and the locs reach past there booty. That takes dedication and love for real. My plans now? Well, I plan to experiment with products, Im interested to see how my hair responds to some of this stuff on the market.

I am mixing up some ingredients on my own as well, maybe I will throw my hat in the ring and come up with a line of hair products too. Funny I have gotten back into my love for jewelry and have a few ideas to start my own jewelry line . They will include loc jewelry, earrings, bracelets. Now my canvas is naked without the hair so Im channeling my creativity to adornment. I am not about to lose my swag just cause my hair is short, lol So stay tuned as things develop and my brand expands. I am still a consultant so for those looking for sisterlocks care go to my website I am located in Sherman Oaks, CA. Smooches

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