Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is it Time to Cut My Dread Locs and Start Over?

Dread Locs

 They say that need to cut dread locs off starts at the 7th year. They call it the "7 year itch" but I had my itch coming around the 5th year. I think at that point it was at a length were I basically did every style I could imagine, they were getting heavy and just felt like more of a burden than a joy after a while. They say locs hold energy and if that's true, I had a lot of grief and disappointment held in my hair. Relationship issues, financial woes, lost loved ones, just a lot of things that weighed me down emotionally. It was just time be 'reborn' to start fresh.

If you haven't had any major emotional issues over the course of having your loc but still feel like you need to part with them, maybe its because they are not looking the way you want them to. I would advice a CUT for anyone experiencing:
  • thinning edges
  • bad smell that you can;t get rid of
  • loc degeneration(pulling apart like straw)

I experience some degeneration of my locs after years of hair color abuse. My hair was fried, and the locs so weak that I could literally pull some of them apart like pulling a ball of cotton. The hair had no life and the only way t save what I had was to reinforce with extension hair but the extra weight can pose another problem over time too.

Thinning edges is a common problem which usually stems from over styling or too much palm rolling. I have some clients that don't like to see any fuzz around their hair line and for that reason they really overdue it with the maintenance. Its not necessary to retwist every week. Give your new growth a chance to come in so you have something to maintain.

Now in my last post I talked about getting your locs clean doo-doo free, so if you missed my tips check it out. But if you've tried everything and you locs still have a bowel movement smell, it might be time to say bye-bye and start over.
But this time try to stay away from waxes like bee's wax and use more water soluble products. Actually honey is the best for twisting hair. It is naturally antibacterial properties and holds the hair in place better than any gel I have ever used and washes out completely.

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  1. I cut my lock of 10 years!! check out my natural products @ http://www.HealingHerbsByRene.com

  2. stay away from honey. it became a cement within my locks. it does not wash out that well at all :(


  3. You're suppose to dilute it with water and olive oil!!!! My son's locs are absolutely fabulous!!!!