Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sisterlocks Consultant in Sherman Oaks, CA

Me with sisterlocks in jumbo twists
Ok ladies, if you are looking for a fresh approach to your sisterlocks, then I coming back with a vengeance just for you! I don't know about you, Ibut I am tired of seeing our sisterlocks with the goldy locks hair style.
 No need for the Goldy Locks Look anymore!
Curls are nice for locs but its not the only thing we can do. I know for most of us, we gravitated towards the sisterlocks system because of the "neat" or "polished" way locs are displayed. When sisterlocks first came on the scene, natural hair styling wasn't really that popular.

Dredlocks were synonimous with Rasta culture not corporate or professional occupations. But that has changed, the need to be 'neat' and controlled' has changed. I service lawyers with funky mohawks, teachers,  CEO's etc. Fear need not be a motivator for people who want to be natural anymore.
Start Living, STOP worrying!
I will one day join my locs together to make them bigger but for now, I just want you ladies to open your creative mind and don't be held back by what people may perceive as.

When you are confident, you command respect: people will jink on you if they 'sense' doubt or fear from you, not from your hair style. So stop worrying and get to living and loving you hair as it is!

I am here as your sisterlocks consultant to give you the full experience of having sisterlocks, no hold barred! Call me( 478 501-7836) for a reservation, at my relaxing salon in Sherman Oaks, CA

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