Friday, November 11, 2011

Lint in Sisterlocks?

lint inside Locs
Lint can be a problem in any size of locs. It happens when your hair rubs on clothing with loose fibers. The best way to prevent lint from getting into your locs is to pick clothing who's fibers don't come apart easily.

You can also pull you hair up into a high ponytail to avoid your sisterlocks rubbing on your collar. If when your locs mature, you should protect them while you sleep by covering them with nylon caps or just cover your pillow case will nylon or satin cases.

If you already have lint in your hair
, try brushing them out with a coarse bristle brush. Take each loc or a few in your hand and brush them to loosen up the lint. You my be able to pick them out with a micro size crochet hook.

If all else fails and you don't want to cut them, you make have to use hair dye on your sisterlocks to camouflage the lint.

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